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We have started to vaccinate

 from 3rd May all over 50 are eligible to receive the Astra Zeneca Vaccine


In order for us to qualify to administer COVID-19 vaccines to patients the practice has had to go through rigorous procedures. These ensure we are up to scratch with our protocols for administering the vaccine, including additional training for our staff and keeping the vaccine under the correct conditions.

As for all GP practices, at this stage we will be administering the AstraZeneca vaccine ONLY.


  1. Are you entitled to the vaccine yet?

You will need to be certain that you are entitled to the vaccine as we can only give it to those who most need it first. The government has an eligibility checker. Please ensure you are eligible before making a COVID vaccine appointment as, if we consider that you do not meet the current criteria, we will have to defer your vaccination.


 2.Do you have a fever or viral symptoms?

If so, you will need a COVID test and to isolate until the results are available and your vaccination date will be deferred. Your temperature will be checked on arrival at the practice

  3. Are you a regular patient of Premier Medicine?

If so, we will have all your medical records on file.

If not, please bring with you a list of your medications + allergies and if possible, your medical history.

  4. Have you had another vaccine within the last 2 weeks? If so, you will need to defer your COVID vaccination. Please check with your doctor as if you have had a ‘live’ vaccine you will need to wait 4 weeks.

Everyone coming for a COVID-19 vaccination must understand the following:

  5. You will need to read the consent form – a link is provided below. You can print and sign it if you wish and bring a copy with you to your appointment. However, there is no need for this as a verbal consent given to the doctor administering the vaccine is considered sufficient.

  6. You will need to make a specific COVID vaccination appointment by calling the practice on 02 9388 0041 or online via our website.             


                                          TO BOOK Click here :


 7. PLEASE NOTE that this is a COVID vaccination ONLY appointment, i.e. 10 minutes only. We apologise but unlike with flu vaccine you will not be able to discuss other issues at the time of vaccination.

  8. You will be required to wait 15-30 minutes after the vaccination before you will be permitted to leave.

  9. If possible PLEASE wear a mask.


  1.  NO one has a choice to have a different vaccine - sorry…GPs in Australia only have the AstraZeneca vaccine.

  2.  You cannot buy a COVID-19 vaccination so NO ONE can jump the queue or get a different vaccine from the one you have been allocated.

  3.  On leaving the practice after your first vaccination, you will be given an appointment for the second vaccination in 3 months. A reminder will be sent to you 24 hours before the appointment. Please set a reminder on your phone for 2-3 days before so that if you can’t make this appointment, we have time to offer it to someone else.

  4. IF YOU HAVE SEVERE SIDE EFFECTS COME STRIGHT TO THE PRACTICE. If mild, please send us an email or call us detailing your symptoms. As this is a new vaccine we want to know about all adverse effects.  




Links to information about the vaccine:


Link to possible side effects of the vaccine (if needed you can take paracetamol or ibuprofen post vaccination)