• Dr Billie

What a difference a week makes

So we're in strict lock down again.

Please stick to the rules - boring BUT...

If we don't and more of us get sick and then our families get sick we risk some of them getting seriously ill and being hospitalised or worse. We overwhelm the contact tracers ability to trace others who may have inadvertently been in contact with us or our infected loved ones. That might sound like I'm catastrophising but it could happen so fast. Tomorrow the predictition is 100 new cases - I hope not.

Work from home - if you can.

Shop alone.

Exercise with one other only.

Don't see your kids if they don't live with you.

Don't visit the grandkids.

It will be a short lived separation if we stick to the rules, they are for the benefit of us all.

We have had a really good run for a long time, don't be complacent and we can all get out of this situation in the next few weeks. If we go shopping unnecessarily, surruptiously invite friends over or baby sit the grand kids we might be choosing to lose the COVID battle and allow IT to take over us. Something none of us want.

On the FLIP side we have two effective vaccines.



Book the new vaccination appointment on online. If you had initially booked online the you can cancel online as well. If not then we will cancel the old booking when you come in.

The AstraZeneca is a great vaccine, safe with a very low side effect profile.

ALL of my patients over the age of 60 could have had at least one AZ vaccine dose by now.

WHY do I have 670 doses of the vaccine in my fridge and people refusing to use it????

Book online and get your shot.

To reiterate clot risk with the first dose is 1:200000 for all ages, the older you are the safer it is. The clot risk with the second dose is 1:1600000!

Each day, as the numbers of infected individuals climb, the risk of you catching the virus increases. Those vaccinated individuals are generally not needing hospitalisation. If you are not vaccinated your risk increases - a lot! Even young people are currently in hospital.

The Pfizer vaccine is still only available for those aged 40-59 with a few, very few, medical exceptions. Please do not complain to me or my staff that we won't allow you to have the Pfizer even though that's what you want. If you do not qualify we cannot vaccinate you with Pfizer. We do not make the rules and cannot bend them either. We have had some very upsetting incidents over the last week with my staff being threatened because we are towing the 'party line'. We want to continue to vaccinate as many of you as we can.

Please help us, don't hinder us, and don't hate us, we're trying to do the right thing by you all.


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