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IF you are unwell with even minor symptoms of sore throat cough runny nose aches pains fever diarrhoea 


IF you have been in contact with someone who has COVID 19


IF you are concerned you have been in a place where there have been reports of COVID-19 cases


CALL US make an appointment



we will give you instructions as to how to come in & where to wait so everyone remains safe and well.

Rapid Antigen Test (RAT)

Unfortunately we have all had trouble sourcing RAT's

However .... All GP's have received a report from the Federal Department of Health Deputy Chief Medical Officer which states...

National Cabinet met on Tuesday, 5 January 2022, and:

  • noted that COVID-19 tests are free and available at state testing clinics for people who have symptoms or are a close contact

  • agreed that up to 10 Rapid Antigen Tests over three months (a maximum of 5 in a month) will be made available for free through pharmacies to people holding a:

  • Pension Concession Card

  • Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card

  • Department of Veterans' Affairs Gold, White or Orange Card

  • Health Care Card

  • Low Income Health Card.

These free tests will become available in the next two weeks.

A Plea from a medical educators and Microbologist

Marg Jenkins 

Feb 1, 2022, 4:48 PM (3 days ago)

 to marjenes


Dear Practice contact,


Some/many/most including some authorities seem to think this, or the worst of it is over.  We are actually in the middle of the worst global outbreak so there is a fair but of denial out there. Granted the vaccine and mask are doing the heavy lifting and now RAT but I’m a bit shocked that the data that we relied on from PCR testing and contact tracing seems to be lacking just when we need it – I did a back of the envelope calculation of cases nationally mid jan and divided it by deaths 12 days later to get a rough death rate. Still at 0.1% - which makes me think we are not getting even 25% of cases confirmed. This highly transmissible variant has caused the current disaster and has been driven by Xmas functions and large crowded indoor spaces e.g pubs, clubs and bars where masks are not worn. No doubt will enter the 0-4 unvaxxed and 5-11 vaxxed groups with school starting.


Yes I am strongly of the view that contact tracing and PCR testing ought to have been much stronger over the past 2 months so we would have the data we need – that’s what planning is and we don’t know what the next 3 months will be but we know that onward transmission will give rise to more variants and this is an epidemic infection – it is not going to become endemic in the true meaning of the word  -colds and seasonal flu do not put thousands off work in transport nor health. It’s not malaria or TB which are endemic. So I grit my teeth when hearing complaints about masks, tests and more vaccines – how lucky we are to be in the 60% of the worlds population to have access to one vaccine. Let’s just take it 3 months at a time I suggest.