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Close contacts

You are a close contact if you:

  • live in the same house as someone who tests positive

  • spent 4 hours or longer with someone in a home, or health or aged care environment

  • are determined as one by your state or territory health department.

If you are a close contact of someone who has COVID-19 you must isolate for 7 days (10 days in South Australia) from the last time you were in contact with that person.

If you have symptoms you should visit your nearest testing clinic as soon as possible.

If you have no symptoms you should take a rapid antigen test at home.

Rapid antigen tests will become increasingly available at supermarkets and pharmacies. Do not go to a GP for a rapid antigen test if you are sick. 

try this link for more information on the latest (Jan 10.1.122)

Covid test and isolation Protocols



COVID 19 vaccination 


We hope to have NOVAVAX in the surgery in the next few weeks as an alternative to the primary course of Astra Zeneca or Pfizer. It has not yet been licensed as a booster shot by ATAGI.

Parents of children 5 years old and over, can book their child's vaccination NOW. Vaccines will be available from Monday 10th for this age group January.

NB At this stage we have only had 50 children's vaccines per week made  available to us.

The second shot can be given 3-8 weeks after the first one. Optimally this should be at 8 weeks as this gives an excellent antibody response and the lowest risk of serious adverse side effects. However this will leave your child at risk for most of the first term at school. 

All vaccination bookings are available on line. 

If you have any concerns that might stop you or your child from having the vaccine. PLEASE arrange an appointment with one of our doctors to discuss this further.


1. ADHERE to social 

   distancing guidelines.

2. WASH your hands regularly

3. USE hand sanitiser gel often 

4. WEAR a mask when required to

5. USE the NSW Health sign in QR codes provided at most venues.

6. Get VACCINATEDS for COVID, the FLU and in addition for the over 70's pneumonia vaccination.

7. Upload your COVID vaccine certificate to your phone.

FLU vaccine

Flu vaccinations will be available from May  2022. New research show that that they can safely  be co-adminstered with COVD vaccinations. We may well be onto booster #2 by then which will probably be based on the Omicron and/or Delta strains rather than the original strain which is the vaccine we have been currently administering.


We are being to told to expect summer flu as travelers return from the Northern winter.

Additionally we are already seeing more respiratory tract infections including pneumonia.

The initial symptoms are similar to early COVID-19 symptoms.

Please get tested and see US please. CALL first so we can isolate you if required.

NB It is STILL mandatory WHEN inside, TO wear a mask in public places. THIS will limit your chances of catching any viral infection.

We require you to mask up in the doctors surgery