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FLU vaccine

FLU vaccine is available NOW

at Premier Medicine

 As we approach winter we will see more viral upper respiratory tract infections. The symptoms are similar to early COVID-19 symptoms.

If you wear a mask in public places and in the doctors surgery this will limit your chances of catching a viral infection.


COVID 19 vaccination 

All those over 12 should get vaccinated now make your appointment by clicking this button.

To check your eligibility under the current 1b roll out press 


If you have any concerns that might stop you from having the vaccine. PLEASE arrange an appointment with one of our doctors to discuss this further.

We are aware that there is a very small increase in the incidence of the blood clots associated with the Astra Zeneca vaccine.  The rate of clots is 2-3 /500,000 vaccinations given. NB the oral contraceptive PILL can also cause clots and the rate of this happening is about 1:1000 users /year. The aim of vaccination is to protect us all. Don't forget an infection with the new strains of  COVID-19 are more infectious and more dangerousl than the earlier  strains.

If we all want to return to normal life including opening our borders, seeing relatives from overseas and travelling then we have to be vaccinated

NB you cannot have the COVID-19 Vaccination within 2 weeks of a FLU vaccination


1. ADHERE to social 

   distancing guidelines.

2. WASH your hands regularly

3. USE hand sanitiser gel often 

4. WEAR a mask when required to

5. USE the NSW Health sign in QR codes provided at most venues.

6. Get VACCINATEDS for COVID, the FLU and in addition for the over 70's pneumonia vaccination.