Health of the older person.

We specialise in the care of people who have multiple medical problems

When needed we will visit our regular patients at home

We have a dietitian on staff who,

alongside our doctors and psychologist,

can guide you

towards a pathway to better eating

and a healthier lifestyle

Looking after your child is a privilege

if your child is unwell

come straight in or if feasible call first

We also offer Childhood immunisations

 & Developmental Checks

We offer : Fertility advice,

Pregnancy pre-natal and post-natal check ups

We take part in the Royal Hospital for Women

 Antenatal Shared Care Program 


Female check ups

implanon/IUD/Mirena Insertion/removal. 

Menopause advice & treatment 


Mens health check ups,

cardiac, prostate checks,

Help with hair loss and  ED 


We are living in a stressful challenging world.

Our psychologist and doctors are here to help and support you.

Life is very tough right now

please reach out to us


Management of Patient Information

All patient information is kept strictly confidential. This information is used to provide adequate medical care.

All files are updated when necessary, making sure history is available and records are current.

                        please click here for our full privacy policy

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MEDLAB Pathology 

is available from July 6th 2020

for all your

blood and pathology tests 

Full skin cancer checks and mole/lesion removals done on site by surgically qualified doctors.

Insurance medical reports, driving, taxi, and uber medicals, Diving medical assessments and more.


Our Practice