• Dr Billie

Are we there yet?

So we have 80-90% of the Bondi Junction population having had one vaccine and about 45% with two.

SO... we have a way to go BUT getting there.

The good news is that we are being given an extra 100 Pfizer doses a week which brings us up to 400/week when we get our next delivery in 2 weeks.

We have brought in two other doctors to assist Dr Jane Law and Dr Sophie Whiteson Glass.

This was essential as Dr Hill and I have only two pairs of hands (each).

Both of these women started with us a few weeks ago an are only coming in to assist with COVID vaccines. Dr Jane 's main focus is in the disability sector and Dr Sophie is an Accident & Emergency doctor at St Vincent's Hospital.

Please remember to book online via the website for vaccinations as we need to keep the front desk phones open for other medical issues.

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